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Name:Spinal Tap Fanfiction
Location:Squatney, (states/regions/territories)
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Fanfiction and discussion of the film This Is Spinal Tap
Welcome to Dreamwidth's own community for This Is Spinal Tap fanfiction!

Ever watched the film and found yourself wondering why Jeanine doesn't annoy David the way she annoys the rest of us? Or what Ian really keeps that cricket bat for? Or why the band don't just give up with drummers altogether and become a folk act? Then this is the community for you!

Contrary to what the name might suggest, this community isn't just for fanfiction - general discussions about the band, the film, the music, the cast etc. are all more than welcome. Anything goes, as long as it's relevant! All I ask is that members keep to a few guidelines:

- Please put all stories or images behind a cut (unless you are posting a link to something on your own page). Stories can take up a lot of space on reading pages, and larger images can make reading pages load crookedly.

- When posting anything with adult content (whether it is text or an image), you must include a short note letting the reader know that they are about to access adult content. This prevents younger readers from stumbling onto inappropriate material without warning.

- Likewise, if you post anything with content which might be upsetting or triggering to some readers, please make this known before the cut or link. Such topics include (but aren't limited to) abuse, self-harming, non-con, eating disorders, etc. I honestly doubt that any of this would come up in any Spinal Tap story, but just in case!

That's all! Overall, please be respectful of other members (which hardly constitutes being a rule as it's common sense!). Do feel free to leave feedback, as it's always helpful and encouraging to writers to know that people are reading!

If you have any problems, questions or suggestions, feel free to contact myself ([personal profile] lupinity87) - I'm very friendly, and will normally get back to you within a day. Knowing how small the Spinal Tap fan community is, I don't expect things will get very hectic or dramatic here, but I'm usually contactable in case of all eventualities!

Have fun, and happy reading and/or writing!

DISCLAIMER: Spinal Tap™ and its characters, storylines, places etc. are the property of DEG Sale Company B-V (a subsidiary of Canal+). All rights reserved. This community has been set up for the sole purpose of personal entertainment, with no financial gain or cost incurred to any members (including writers, readers and the maintainer). No harm is intended by the creation of this community, or any of the content within.

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